The past few years have been a little bit difficult for all of us. The crime rates have constantly been pushing through the roofs with justice only being served years and years after the case actually opens or sometimes, not served at all.

Besides the usual confusion of not knowing what to believe and what not to believe, comes another rather disturbing scenario. The youth of today shows no signs of any level of human emotions towards crimes. Tragedies have come to become those certain things that are only shown in the news and read in the papers.

Sure, there are innumerable protests that show an uproar every now and then but that is about it. This boiling blood simmers down and is soon forgotten about. But it is not such big showcases that worry me. It’s what happens on a more personal, individualistic level that irks one’s thoughts.

It has become very commonplace to see that someone in the dire need of help hardly gets any. People will stand and watch. Nobody will take the initiative to help. How anyone can see such horror come to life in front of their very own eyes is beyond me. 

However, there was one real story that I read of recently which kind of restored my trust in humanity. While scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across two brave gentlemen, Joe Delvecchio (18) and Alec Yanisko (15) who conducted a heroic deed during their hike at the Dunmore reservoir in Pennsylvania.

In March, this year, when on a trail in the reservoir on an ATV, they noticed an SUV in a rather secluded area of the woods. Thanks to the humanity in them, they decided to see if there was any trouble. On reaching the vehicle, they found that the windows had been smashed. They also found a Sam’s club card belonging to a certain Edwin Kosik. 

Not knowing who he was, they searched him on Google (naturally). The results they got were astonishing. This particular guy in question had actually been missing for the past 2 days! They rushed back home to tell their parents and called the police. The police acted fast enough and found the lost man.

Turns out, Edwin was a judge who had been missing for the past 2 days. On searching, he was found a little distance away from his SUV, tired and dehydrated. Luckily, he was found just before a spell of rain covered the area. 

When I read this piece of news, there was a strange warmth that I felt inside. A warmth of happiness and satisfaction. The warmth of humanity. I could feel myself smile. And I’m pretty sure, after reading this, you’re trust in humanity will be restored too. Because no matter what, with the evils rising, so are the heroes.