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Ever found yourself in a situation where you were supposed to make a quick decision but just couldn’t come to an answer? You maybe even had a few hours or days to think about it but coming to a conclusion felt like the most difficult task you have ever had to perform! For example, you had a limited amount you could spend on any one of the most beautiful dresses you ever saw on sale. They both fit you perfectly and you look gorgeous in them. But even though they are on sale, you can only afford one.What do you do? There are many other “shopping crazy” women just like you, snatching away at those limited edition dresses…feel that adrenaline rush? Or maybe, you applied for two jobs at the same time. As you started losing hope of an answer from either company, your mailman gets you the envelopes you had prayed would come…only, not at the same time! So you have two interviews on the same day at places which are in absolutely opposite directions. What do you do? You can only attend one. This could easily change your life forever. You could land up at your dream job with a dream salary and be happy. Or your decision might be something you regret forever. These are the kind of things I’m talking about. Every individual, at least once in their lives, goes through similar instances where you have two enticing options to choose from. But you just can’t get both. It’s either this way or that way. These decisions can range from trivial everyday stuff to big life changing decisions. The time is ticking away and the side needs to be chosen. For most of us, this is a genuine problem-Indecisiveness. We can ponder for hours together over something, with never really reaching a conclusion in the end. This just tends to add to all the stress we already have to live with. But there’s small print to this too. What’s the catch? You ask. Well, here’s what it is-we already know what we want!

We may seem to not know the answer to many things, asking for other people’s advice on how they think we should tackle our dilemma. However, the truth is pretty simple. We already know what we want or what we have to do. Our brain has already made up it’s decision. It was never going to change it in the first place! So what really happens is that we tend to go from person to person, asking for help till we reach the individual who tells us exactly what we wanted to hear. If we get told something we don’t want, we reject that opinion as unhelpful till our mind finds what it had been looking for. So, after a little bit of thinking and experimenting, I came up with a small trick of my own. I call it WITH THE TOSS OF A COIN.  Let me explain.

All you need for this trick is a coin. Any coin will do. You keep this with you at all times. Now, you are faced with one of “those” situations where you need to make a quick decision. You take out the coin, and TOSS it. Yes, you read that right. You simply toss it in the air! When you do this, notice what you are thinking. You will be surprised to realize that while the coin is in mid air, you are actually wishing for one of your choices to turn up. Well, there you are! With the coin mid air, you know what you have wanted right from the beginning! It really does work and helps save a lot of that time on second thought and asking for people’s help. Everyone should try this trick. It can make life so much more easier…

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try and let me know if this trick helped you. Waiting for an answer! 😊