Ever had that feeling?  Where, for some time, you feel like nothing could go wrong. Where you feel like you are living the perfect life and it just couldn’t get any better or worse. But it does…It gets worse. Yes that’s exactly what I’m talking about. And that feeling, the moment you realize that all those people (I don’t even know if they are worth being called that!) Whom you called your “friends” are probably the worst and the only enemies you ever had. I have had a more than fair share of such a situation, having gone through one recently. Being with people who only want to be around you at the time of happiness and isolate you when you are sick or need someone the most is the time when you realize what a big mistake it was investing time in people like them. What’s worse? They will try to show it as a fault of your own! One of the most characteristic feature of such people is they just make you feel bad about yourself. No matter what you do, you will NEVER be good enough for them. Such relationships are bad for your health and it is better to steer clear of such people. 

In this quest for a good friend, I found out that in today’s world, no one really fits that criteria. Nobody genuinely cares. You’re all by yourself and that is exactly what you need to learn…to be by yourself. To face the harsh world with all the strength you possess. Don’t let such jerks take you down. Fight till the last bit. And never give up. Don’t let your life revolve around others. Don’t give the steering wheel of your life in someone else’s hands. They’ll be sure to drive you into an accident prone area. So follow only and only your heart. People come and go, but your ambition is here to stay..