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Bang! I slammed the door shut. She just gets on my nerves! Will she ever stop pestering me? From nagging me about the length of my skirt to my grades and even about the kind of friends I have, I have to listen to this kind of stuff everyday! But today, I was done. This was the last straw. 

As my blood boiled and hot tears strewed down my face, all I saw was red… My knuckles got badly bruised as I punched a balled fist into the wall. No amount of throwing things off the table and screaming my lungs out was helping me. Over the years, I had let this feeling called anger  take control of my body as I slowly let go. In the beginning, it all felt like venting it out was emptying my body of the emotion-saving me from drowning in it. But boy, was I wrong!

Like cancer, anger spread through my body and now was the only thing that flowed through my veins. Even so much as a bird chirp was enough to take me off the edge. What had I become? I was no more what I used to be. Every moment, all I ever felt was anger. Towards nothing specific. Just anger. As though that was the only emotion I could harbour. It had killed me. Long back. Now, I was just one of it’s victims.

My mom tried her best to get me out of it. She took me to therapy, she tried talking to me about it. Took me on tours to get my mind off of it. Being a single mother, she was doing all that she could and more. Could I have asked for anything better? I had the best life! Sure she didn’t like a few things and the way and I did them…But then, which parent isn’t concerned? 

You would probably say that you are glad I’m finally getting it all. But your wrong. This is me realizing things all too late. That day, as I slammed the door shut to my bedroom, I knew I had lost my battle to anger. Down in the living room, lay the lifeless body of my mother. The same mother who cared so much for me. The same mother who chose to raise me as a single parent when my father walked out on her after learning that she was pregnant with a girl. The mother, on whose head I had so brutally hit that vase, that she had painted her and mine faces on. Anger made me do it…

10 years after that horrendous incident, going to jail for it and doing my time in rehab, things may have settled down a little for me. But I’m just barely living. Earning just enough to live. Breathing, just because death won’t come to me. But I died the day I invited anger to be my friend. I should’ve known…That was the end of me. I’m sorry mom, for you had to bear the  brunt of it too…

This is just a fictional story so don’t worry, nobody’s been killed or hurt. But it could very much have been a real story. Anger is a very serious issue. It consumes you completely like fire consumes wood….in the end, the only thing left, is ashes. And those ashes can never be turned back into wood.

Anger management is a very important thing. It’s essential to tame the beast before it gets out hand. Before it takes from you the only thing you ever cared for-family

So it’s a sincere request. If you frequently feel anything like the girl in my story, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Get out there, talk to people who have been through the same and emerged victorious. Don’t let this plague catch you…For you will NEVER walk out alive. Let’s replace anger with peace, people! Let’s not make it make us do things we will forever regret…