With preliminary exams getting over just a few days ago, there was a need for an urgent vacation. The past few weeks have been exhausting. With hardly 12 hours of sleep in 2 weeks, I could literally doze off just standing in one place. Hence, a decision was made. A trip to one of the most scenic and beautiful places in India….Goa. I had heard a lot about the beaches and the climate there so it seemed like the perfect option. Boy! Was that the right decision! 

Goa truly has some pretty noticeable beaches. The sun shines warmly on the soft sand and calm waters. The air is crisp and a few hours on the beach can give you the perfect salt sprayed look. The food is great too. The much deserved and much needed break is what it presents to you in the most wonderful way.

But the most striking thing I noticed here were the festivities of Diwali. Diwali is a celebration of good over evil, happiness over sadness and light over darkness. Almost every street we turned into, had houses adorned with beautiful colourful lights. There were lanterns of all shapes and sizes strung to the ceilings and diyas set in patterns. Also, there were intricate rangoli designs drawn at the doorsteps, welcoming the guests with great zeal. 

The environment is just so refreshing, it makes you wonder in awe about how different traditions celebrate their festivals in different ways but at the same time, send the same message across-spreading love. The celebrations rekindled the warmth in our hearts.

The experience is a great bliss and absolute fun. I will try to get you guys some pictures and posts from the various places I visit. Have fun. And happy Halloween! 🙂