That big, yummy chocolate cake. Those pretty balloons in your favorite color. The food you love the most. Your dearest friends. And confetti everywhere. “Blow those candles and make a wish!“they say. Sound similar? Yes. I’m talking about that day of the year, when people celebrate becoming a year older, of losing 365 days of their lives. Well, if one thinks of it that way, is it really something to be joyous about? 

However, don’t get saddened by these lines. These occasions, which are grandly labeled as BIRTHDAYS are actually something you can look forward to. They show you how far along you have come in life. How you conquered every time, every moment, that you had thought giving up was the best option. It makes you realize that everything is temporary and happiness or sadness, riches and poverty are just like two sides of the same coin. Life is just flipping it for you. It could turn in your favour any moment now! 

While some celebrate quietly with only their near and dear ones, others prefer letting everyone around know about their special day. It’s really a personal choice, you know. But amidst all the fun and frolic, there is one thing that should NEVER change…

Don’t ever forget to be grateful for all that you ever had. And don’t forget to give your mother the tightest of hugs and the broadest of smiles ever! It’s her special day too 😉