Fought with a friend. Rather, this “friend” just stopped talking. All of a sudden. It came out of nowhere. Not like this was a first. This same “friend” has just decided ever so often, that you can stop talking to someone on one fine day without giving absolutely any reason at all. Was it something I did? Something I said? How would I ever know? 

With ego and self respect and everything, there are so many things that go unsaid. So many wrong decisions that are made. Some truths, which, if had been put out there today, would have changed so many things. Marriages saved (or never happened), nations at peace (or maybe at war), friendships stronger (or maybe broken like in my case), families together or falling apart. Letting your guard down for once and letting the truth seep through can make so much of a difference. Maybe, the choices we made today, would’ve never been made to start with…

Has a chance of speaking up ever made a difference to a choice you ever made? Let me know in the comments. It will be lovely to hear from you guys! Don’t forget to like before you leave! 🙂