Have you ever been hit by it? The Cupid arrow? (The one that has a cute little heart at it’s end :-P) Most of you may have been, some might even be seeing it dangling right in front of you, waiting for it to hit you. And then there are people like me…never hit by it and with no scope of such an accident occurring anywhere in the near future. Yup.

Step out of the house, and you are bound to see endless of Cupid’s works at large – in schools, in colleges, in parks, on the roads, at work, in libraries, well you get the idea. That is a feeling, happy and sad combined. Happy, for the fact that people have found someone who makes them feel good and sad that most of us out there need someone to make us happy, none of us seem good enough for ourselves (not always true). 

“How would it be to have someone special by my side…am I missing out? Or am I saving myself from endless adjustments?” These are questions that pop up in my mind quite often. The answers remain aloof though. 

Recently, a friend of mine got out of a 4 year relationship, after not being able to take her boyfriend’s “overprotective-ness” on a daily basis. At the exact same time, another friend got into a relationship with a guy who proposed in the cutest way possible (I got it all on tape! It’s the kind of memory worth keeping). Sure looks like Mr. Cupid is in full business! 😉 However, nothing has changed for me..I have had thousands of crushes. But never really did anything significant to make it work in a positive direction. In fact, when I look back at it, it seems as though I’m actually glad I didn’t. It was just something I felt back then. Now, only a faint memory of the ordeal lingers behind – the butterflies in the stomach, the sweaty palms, the heart beat being so loud that I could actually hear it, etc. 

Love must be a great experience. A fascinating feeling, that lets you know about the emotions you never even knew you could harbor. There have been times when I have wanted to feel that way. And times when I couldn’t be more grateful for not having to worry about it all. I don’t know which of these is right. I cannot decide. After all, I have experienced just the lack. But looking at the glass half empty, I’m glad that there’s always some space to fill it up.

Do let me know about your beautiful Cupid stories or any that took place with people close to you. You can also share how you love being single/ in a relationship in the comments. I would love to hear from you guys! Spread the LOVE 🙂