Business and fashion magazines everywhere today are going on crazy about the success stories of various famous people, how they go about their day and their success tips. When I read such stories, they fill me with inspiration and motive to sit at my desk and work towards a better and successful future. Half an hour into it, my mind begins to wander. Soon, I lose patience and decide to take a “5 minute break”. Now I guess we all now how that goes 😛 

Being successful takes a lot. In fact, it demands everything you have. Every millisecond, every drop of sweat and a very determined mind. To be successful, one has to be able to literally visualize their goal right in front of their eyes, the thing that will keep you going and pushing in the right direction without staggering about here and there. With all this said, it also requires the strength to fail. Yes, failing is one of the biggest steps to the success you see for yourself. No great person ever reached where they are today without failing a hundred times. Even a child learns to walk only after he falls to the ground about 50 times or so before he finally finds his power to stand by himself.

But all of this is something you probably know already. What you need to understand is that, in the bigger picture, you can never fail. No matter what you do. Let me explain. You may not get exactly what you want. Maybe you wanted to be an engineer but you ended up becoming an architect instead. But that isn’t bad! It’s in fact a good thing! Maybe it is what you were meant to be. You helping construct the dream homes and workplaces of millions. Isn’t that success? You are earning enough to get you through the week with food on your plate for all three meals. Isn’t that success over someone who probably can’t even get food twice a day?

Success is in every small element of life. Can you see? Can you breathe? Can you react to situations? Well, that’s success over a comatose person! Can you walk? Can you run? That’s success over a person who lost his legs or never had them to start with. If you have internet access, you are able to afford paying for the Wi-Fi and you are reading this blog, that’s success too! You don’t have to be successful only in things you think are worth being successful for. That is because you are already successful in so many aspects of life! And when you begin to appreciate these little winning situations, that is when you can focus on the bigger picture and pass with flying colours at what you deem to be worth calling the big success

So start counting your small little wins. Don’t let them slide by just because they are not big enough to notice. Because even for the sea to become as vast as it is, it had to start with small rain drops. Cheers to life! Never give up. You are better than that 🙂 you are more wise today than you were yesterday, so rejoice!