Today on my way to a friend’s house, I saw something incredible. It may not have been something that gets covered by the media or gets printed in tomorrow’s paper. But it was beautiful in it’s own small way. Here’s what happened..

When I got off at the train station, I saw a little girl, with two pony tails, her luscious brunette hair bouncing, as she too got down from the train in her cute little yellow frock and squeaky black boots. She held her mother’s little finger tightly with her hand (it made her cute little hands look so small!)as she walked down in the same direction as I was headed. She laughed and squealed as she and her mother talked about some friend’s birthday that the girl was going to attend. She looked adorable and I couldn’t help but smile at how innocent and fun loving kids are!

Just then, the little girl ( let’s call her Angel) noticed a middle aged woman walking in front of her with a blind stick. She had never seen it before and naturally, with the inquisitive nature of a little child, she inquired about it to her mother. Her mother gently explained to her how some people cannot see and hence, require an aid to get them to the places they need to go to.

Angel was silent for a moment before she ran off leaving her mother’s hand towards the lady. Her mother ran behind her but stopped when she saw what her daughter was doing. What we both saw, her mother and me, was beautiful. Angel ran towards the blind lady and said, “Hello miss! My mummy tells me you cannot see. Here, my mummy and I will help you out” and she smiled, beckoning her mother to come. As her mother approached, she told her mom to hold the lady’s hand and lead her way, while she (Angel) would describe everything she saw to the lady so the she wouldn’t feel left out.

I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw. I had never imagined that a child so small would think so deeply and would try and reach out to help the needy when she probably wasn’t even big enough to tie her shoelaces properly! It reflected on what a wonderful job her parents were doing on her upbringing and how the youth of tomorrow is so promising.

However, my main aim behind this blog is to encourage my readers out there to go a little out of their way, and help someone today. No matter how big or small the gesture. Just do it. It feels wonderful and you will make someone’s day a little bit better. Maybe help that old lady on the street with her grocery or that mother on the plane with an infant. Help that kid with his homework or just keep your neighborhood clean. From small to large, there is so much that can be done! Just look around, I’m pretty sure you will find someone in need of some help that you can provide. Believe me, the feeling is delightful.

If you are up for something a little bigger, I would like to make a sincere suggestion here. I’m pretty sure it won’t be too much of a trouble for you, but it will definitely make you a hero to someone for life – ORGAN DONATION. Yes. When someone dies, all of their healthy organs go a waste; when they could’ve actually saved a life desperately in need of it. So please, this is a humble request I want to make, go ahead and pledge your organs for organ donation. Save someone’s life and let the good deeds continue! Also, I’m 100% sure that if the future of our world is in the hands of children like Angel, We have nothing to worry about ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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