It’s been lightly drizzling all morning, with a beautiful rainbow in the sky, making you wonder of the amazing creations of the one who wears the royal purple robes.

Sitting by the window, seeing the raindrops trickle down the glass and dancing in their own funny way, it has a calming effect on ones mind. For the more imaginative ones out there, you can actually see the raindrops race against one another to see who reaches down first, sometimes cheating and coalescing with another drop to glide down faster.

Sipping away at my chocolate milkshake, it’s been a very lazy Sunday morning. But I kind of enjoy it too. Sitting like this doing nothing actually surprises you as to how much is actually going on in your mind. All the thoughts that get suppressed in the everyday traffic and deadline completions suddenly start bubbling out of that cauldron that is your mind.

Sundays are my favourite. There’s a reason to it too. Not only is that the one day you don’t have to work or go to college but it is also the one and only day you can give yourself the liberty to do what your heart desires. I have a term for it-Sundry  Sundays. Yup. Sundry because no Sunday of two individuals can ever be alike. Some, like me, spend it whiling away their time while others complete their unfinished work. While the elite society may attend sophisticated “brunches” and gossip away about who has an affair with whom, the regular person or someone with a tight budget may find a one day job to earn that extra amount of cash. Some may prefer staying indoors, probably cooking for the family and having a small family reunion while the adventurous sole may think it best to go trekking or find some fun thing to do outdoors. 
Watching movies, candle light dinners with your loved one, learning a new sport, bonding with friends and family, singing like you have no worries in the world, cooking up a storm, or just sleeping it in after a hectic week-Sunday is that one day of the week that prevents a majority of us from going over the edge and crossing over to “insanity land”(literally!) It helps us channelise our energy to that one thing we love most but can’t do for the rest of the week because of all the work and errands we have to run. Sundays help you find yourself and know what you really are because you go crazy again-starting Monday!(laughs).

Because they come at the end of every week, they may not seem like much but trust me, Sunday is the most individualized day in itself. You can customize it as you like, sometimes, making it the best day of somebody’s life by spending it with them. So spend every Sunday like a minication and make it worth the wait.

How do you guys like to spend your Sundays? 🙂