With the trees and shrubs and all greenery vanishing fast from the Earth’s surface, this seemed like a pretty appropriate topic to talk about.

Don’t cut trees!“, “Reduce pollution!“, “We won’t survive in this environment for long if we don’t take care of it“…we’ve all heard this.  Some pay heed. While others, just “bleh” the shouts. But somewhere deep down in our hearts, we too feel that scare slowly coming close to reality (just like any woman feels the scare of her soon to come wrinkles). Most of us have studied environmental sciences in school but somehow, it’s no surprise that we aren’t really doing much about the current situation either.

I realized this horrifying truth when I saw something today..The place where I am currently studying was not exactly my dream place. But there was something about it that made me stay-the greenery, the peace, the feeling of being close to heaven itself.

The entire campus was full of all sorts of trees, shrubs, bushes, grass and what not. The air was always crisp, the temperature always just right, and an overall pleasant feel. In a way, it felt like a mini Amazon forest to me [let’s not forget that earth has an Amazon which is not an online site ;-)].

It always felt good to go for a walk, letting the air play with my hair, brushing gently against my body and softly kissing my cheek. For us city folks here, this is a little difficult to imagine. But just close your eyes on a breezy day and take in a deep breath of the air…you may be able to get an idea of what I want to convey.

Being away from the city in such a place did wonders for my body and mind. It helped me calm down and really give my life a thought. Trust me, nature never gives up on us. But somehow, we gave up on it.

This heaven of a place has a small temple up a hill. Not much pomp, just a small hut like thing. But trust me, the view you get from there of the plains down, is what really takes your breath away! The plush greens looked as though someone had laid down a blanket of rich deep green emeralds on the ground…(imagine the beauty of such a scenery!)

Trust me, it looked like the richest place on earth. No amount of money can ever buy the beauty and treasures that nature calls it’s own. 

But after about a year, when I went back to that hilltop, something had changed. The blanket of Emerald that once adorned the plains, now had tears and holes in it. Tears and holes, in the form of infrastructure and industry. The magic just wasn’t there anymore. Nature had been robbed of its most possessed jewelry..

We don’t realize what we have lost until we do. But is that the only way? Can we not realize what we have and just never let go? The increasing construction everywhere around in the name of development also ruined the air once crisp, reducing it to stale sighs of nature. It isn’t happy anymore, it isn’t “it’s okay, We have plenty of trees  left” anymore. Cause we don’t.

The nature that fed us is sure not receiving thanks for her efforts. It’s time we realized that. It’s time we understood that just having to imagine the cool fresh breeze and the music of chirping birds and only seeing it in the virtual world won’t be so much fun someday. Like we miss our loved ones whom we loose, we’ll miss all of this as well and it will never be the same again..

So let’s just take a moment to consider all of this. Let’s take a pledge to bring about a change. So that, the next time you think of visiting a hill station for it’s beauty, you won’t have to look beyond your very own gate. We can still bring back what we have lost. We can still stitch up those holes in the emerald blanket. Remember, A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE.. 🙂