The experience of writing something, maybe for a purpose or just for the mere pleasure, is a feeling indescribable in itself. The adrenaline rush that is felt by any writer when a fresh idea splashes across ones mind is a feeling I suppose every writer cherishes with all his heart.

Sometimes the ideas just flow. While on other occasions, a writer’s block could be your worst nightmare. But that is what really makes the journey worthwhile. Knowing that somebody out there is reading your piece of effort and gaining happiness is only encouragement to write more. And that is exactly what I plan on doing..

With no specific topics to write about, I plan on taking on subjects that intrigue me the most or probably even amaze me the least. Just a thought on the small things in life, things that could change your outlook completely. This is just the beginning…and I hope I come up with many fascinating topics to write about. 🙂