Trust Restored


The past few years have been a little bit difficult for all of us. The crime rates have constantly been pushing through the roofs with justice only being served years and years after the case actually opens or sometimes, not served at all.

Besides the usual confusion of not knowing what to believe and what not to believe, comes another rather disturbing scenario. The youth of today shows no signs of any level of human emotions towards crimes. Tragedies have come to become those certain things that are only shown in the news and read in the papers.

Sure, there are innumerable protests that show an uproar every now and then but that is about it. This boiling blood simmers down and is soon forgotten about. But it is not such big showcases that worry me. It’s what happens on a more personal, individualistic level that irks one’s thoughts.

It has become very commonplace to see that someone in the dire need of help hardly gets any. People will stand and watch. Nobody will take the initiative to help. How anyone can see such horror come to life in front of their very own eyes is beyond me. 

However, there was one real story that I read of recently which kind of restored my trust in humanity. While scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across two brave gentlemen, Joe Delvecchio (18) and Alec Yanisko (15) who conducted a heroic deed during their hike at the Dunmore reservoir in Pennsylvania.

In March, this year, when on a trail in the reservoir on an ATV, they noticed an SUV in a rather secluded area of the woods. Thanks to the humanity in them, they decided to see if there was any trouble. On reaching the vehicle, they found that the windows had been smashed. They also found a Sam’s club card belonging to a certain Edwin Kosik. 

Not knowing who he was, they searched him on Google (naturally). The results they got were astonishing. This particular guy in question had actually been missing for the past 2 days! They rushed back home to tell their parents and called the police. The police acted fast enough and found the lost man.

Turns out, Edwin was a judge who had been missing for the past 2 days. On searching, he was found a little distance away from his SUV, tired and dehydrated. Luckily, he was found just before a spell of rain covered the area. 

When I read this piece of news, there was a strange warmth that I felt inside. A warmth of happiness and satisfaction. The warmth of humanity. I could feel myself smile. And I’m pretty sure, after reading this, you’re trust in humanity will be restored too. Because no matter what, with the evils rising, so are the heroes.


With The Toss Of A Coin..


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Ever found yourself in a situation where you were supposed to make a quick decision but just couldn’t come to an answer? You maybe even had a few hours or days to think about it but coming to a conclusion felt like the most difficult task you have ever had to perform! For example, you had a limited amount you could spend on any one of the most beautiful dresses you ever saw on sale. They both fit you perfectly and you look gorgeous in them. But even though they are on sale, you can only afford one.What do you do? There are many other “shopping crazy” women just like you, snatching away at those limited edition dresses…feel that adrenaline rush? Or maybe, you applied for two jobs at the same time. As you started losing hope of an answer from either company, your mailman gets you the envelopes you had prayed would come…only, not at the same time! So you have two interviews on the same day at places which are in absolutely opposite directions. What do you do? You can only attend one. This could easily change your life forever. You could land up at your dream job with a dream salary and be happy. Or your decision might be something you regret forever. These are the kind of things I’m talking about. Every individual, at least once in their lives, goes through similar instances where you have two enticing options to choose from. But you just can’t get both. It’s either this way or that way. These decisions can range from trivial everyday stuff to big life changing decisions. The time is ticking away and the side needs to be chosen. For most of us, this is a genuine problem-Indecisiveness. We can ponder for hours together over something, with never really reaching a conclusion in the end. This just tends to add to all the stress we already have to live with. But there’s small print to this too. What’s the catch? You ask. Well, here’s what it is-we already know what we want!

We may seem to not know the answer to many things, asking for other people’s advice on how they think we should tackle our dilemma. However, the truth is pretty simple. We already know what we want or what we have to do. Our brain has already made up it’s decision. It was never going to change it in the first place! So what really happens is that we tend to go from person to person, asking for help till we reach the individual who tells us exactly what we wanted to hear. If we get told something we don’t want, we reject that opinion as unhelpful till our mind finds what it had been looking for. So, after a little bit of thinking and experimenting, I came up with a small trick of my own. I call it WITH THE TOSS OF A COIN.  Let me explain.

All you need for this trick is a coin. Any coin will do. You keep this with you at all times. Now, you are faced with one of “those” situations where you need to make a quick decision. You take out the coin, and TOSS it. Yes, you read that right. You simply toss it in the air! When you do this, notice what you are thinking. You will be surprised to realize that while the coin is in mid air, you are actually wishing for one of your choices to turn up. Well, there you are! With the coin mid air, you know what you have wanted right from the beginning! It really does work and helps save a lot of that time on second thought and asking for people’s help. Everyone should try this trick. It can make life so much more easier…

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try and let me know if this trick helped you. Waiting for an answer! 😊

Jerks for friends…


Ever had that feeling?  Where, for some time, you feel like nothing could go wrong. Where you feel like you are living the perfect life and it just couldn’t get any better or worse. But it does…It gets worse. Yes that’s exactly what I’m talking about. And that feeling, the moment you realize that all those people (I don’t even know if they are worth being called that!) Whom you called your “friends” are probably the worst and the only enemies you ever had. I have had a more than fair share of such a situation, having gone through one recently. Being with people who only want to be around you at the time of happiness and isolate you when you are sick or need someone the most is the time when you realize what a big mistake it was investing time in people like them. What’s worse? They will try to show it as a fault of your own! One of the most characteristic feature of such people is they just make you feel bad about yourself. No matter what you do, you will NEVER be good enough for them. Such relationships are bad for your health and it is better to steer clear of such people. 

In this quest for a good friend, I found out that in today’s world, no one really fits that criteria. Nobody genuinely cares. You’re all by yourself and that is exactly what you need to learn…to be by yourself. To face the harsh world with all the strength you possess. Don’t let such jerks take you down. Fight till the last bit. And never give up. Don’t let your life revolve around others. Don’t give the steering wheel of your life in someone else’s hands. They’ll be sure to drive you into an accident prone area. So follow only and only your heart. People come and go, but your ambition is here to stay..

My anger killed me, I…killed my mother


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Bang! I slammed the door shut. She just gets on my nerves! Will she ever stop pestering me? From nagging me about the length of my skirt to my grades and even about the kind of friends I have, I have to listen to this kind of stuff everyday! But today, I was done. This was the last straw. 

As my blood boiled and hot tears strewed down my face, all I saw was red… My knuckles got badly bruised as I punched a balled fist into the wall. No amount of throwing things off the table and screaming my lungs out was helping me. Over the years, I had let this feeling called anger  take control of my body as I slowly let go. In the beginning, it all felt like venting it out was emptying my body of the emotion-saving me from drowning in it. But boy, was I wrong!

Like cancer, anger spread through my body and now was the only thing that flowed through my veins. Even so much as a bird chirp was enough to take me off the edge. What had I become? I was no more what I used to be. Every moment, all I ever felt was anger. Towards nothing specific. Just anger. As though that was the only emotion I could harbour. It had killed me. Long back. Now, I was just one of it’s victims.

My mom tried her best to get me out of it. She took me to therapy, she tried talking to me about it. Took me on tours to get my mind off of it. Being a single mother, she was doing all that she could and more. Could I have asked for anything better? I had the best life! Sure she didn’t like a few things and the way and I did them…But then, which parent isn’t concerned? 

You would probably say that you are glad I’m finally getting it all. But your wrong. This is me realizing things all too late. That day, as I slammed the door shut to my bedroom, I knew I had lost my battle to anger. Down in the living room, lay the lifeless body of my mother. The same mother who cared so much for me. The same mother who chose to raise me as a single parent when my father walked out on her after learning that she was pregnant with a girl. The mother, on whose head I had so brutally hit that vase, that she had painted her and mine faces on. Anger made me do it…

10 years after that horrendous incident, going to jail for it and doing my time in rehab, things may have settled down a little for me. But I’m just barely living. Earning just enough to live. Breathing, just because death won’t come to me. But I died the day I invited anger to be my friend. I should’ve known…That was the end of me. I’m sorry mom, for you had to bear the  brunt of it too…

This is just a fictional story so don’t worry, nobody’s been killed or hurt. But it could very much have been a real story. Anger is a very serious issue. It consumes you completely like fire consumes wood….in the end, the only thing left, is ashes. And those ashes can never be turned back into wood.

Anger management is a very important thing. It’s essential to tame the beast before it gets out hand. Before it takes from you the only thing you ever cared for-family

So it’s a sincere request. If you frequently feel anything like the girl in my story, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Get out there, talk to people who have been through the same and emerged victorious. Don’t let this plague catch you…For you will NEVER walk out alive. Let’s replace anger with peace, people! Let’s not make it make us do things we will forever regret…

Lights and Sparkles


With preliminary exams getting over just a few days ago, there was a need for an urgent vacation. The past few weeks have been exhausting. With hardly 12 hours of sleep in 2 weeks, I could literally doze off just standing in one place. Hence, a decision was made. A trip to one of the most scenic and beautiful places in India….Goa. I had heard a lot about the beaches and the climate there so it seemed like the perfect option. Boy! Was that the right decision! 

Goa truly has some pretty noticeable beaches. The sun shines warmly on the soft sand and calm waters. The air is crisp and a few hours on the beach can give you the perfect salt sprayed look. The food is great too. The much deserved and much needed break is what it presents to you in the most wonderful way.

But the most striking thing I noticed here were the festivities of Diwali. Diwali is a celebration of good over evil, happiness over sadness and light over darkness. Almost every street we turned into, had houses adorned with beautiful colourful lights. There were lanterns of all shapes and sizes strung to the ceilings and diyas set in patterns. Also, there were intricate rangoli designs drawn at the doorsteps, welcoming the guests with great zeal. 

The environment is just so refreshing, it makes you wonder in awe about how different traditions celebrate their festivals in different ways but at the same time, send the same message across-spreading love. The celebrations rekindled the warmth in our hearts.

The experience is a great bliss and absolute fun. I will try to get you guys some pictures and posts from the various places I visit. Have fun. And happy Halloween! 🙂

Candles and cakes..


That big, yummy chocolate cake. Those pretty balloons in your favorite color. The food you love the most. Your dearest friends. And confetti everywhere. “Blow those candles and make a wish!“they say. Sound similar? Yes. I’m talking about that day of the year, when people celebrate becoming a year older, of losing 365 days of their lives. Well, if one thinks of it that way, is it really something to be joyous about? 

However, don’t get saddened by these lines. These occasions, which are grandly labeled as BIRTHDAYS are actually something you can look forward to. They show you how far along you have come in life. How you conquered every time, every moment, that you had thought giving up was the best option. It makes you realize that everything is temporary and happiness or sadness, riches and poverty are just like two sides of the same coin. Life is just flipping it for you. It could turn in your favour any moment now! 

While some celebrate quietly with only their near and dear ones, others prefer letting everyone around know about their special day. It’s really a personal choice, you know. But amidst all the fun and frolic, there is one thing that should NEVER change…

Don’t ever forget to be grateful for all that you ever had. And don’t forget to give your mother the tightest of hugs and the broadest of smiles ever! It’s her special day too 😉

Living with the choices we make


Fought with a friend. Rather, this “friend” just stopped talking. All of a sudden. It came out of nowhere. Not like this was a first. This same “friend” has just decided ever so often, that you can stop talking to someone on one fine day without giving absolutely any reason at all. Was it something I did? Something I said? How would I ever know? 

With ego and self respect and everything, there are so many things that go unsaid. So many wrong decisions that are made. Some truths, which, if had been put out there today, would have changed so many things. Marriages saved (or never happened), nations at peace (or maybe at war), friendships stronger (or maybe broken like in my case), families together or falling apart. Letting your guard down for once and letting the truth seep through can make so much of a difference. Maybe, the choices we made today, would’ve never been made to start with…

Has a chance of speaking up ever made a difference to a choice you ever made? Let me know in the comments. It will be lovely to hear from you guys! Don’t forget to like before you leave! 🙂

Three weeks of summer


Nathan Erickson has sent you a friend request” read her notifications on Facebook. She checked his profile to see who he was. “3 mutual  friends” it showed. Oh! So he was the new guy who had just joined school a month back. Anna had never really spoken to him, though she had occasionally seen him in class.

Quiet, reserved and calm, Nathan had only recently become a part of Anna’s biology class. Sure, he was tall, handsome and had girls drooling over him but he never seemed to care. He used to come to school, attend lectures and leave. That was about it. However, he had one nasty habit – never took that blue cap off his head. Always kept it on and surprisingly, the teachers never seemed to mind. It annoyed her. Getting a friend request from someone like him intrigued Anna but she hit the accept button nevertheless.

Summer vacations had just begun. All students had a month and half all to themselves, to enjoy to their heart’s content. Anna didn’t see Nathan at the malls or the movies but they had started chatting on Facebook on a regular basis. Just yesterday, they had exchanged phone nos. He was great to talk to. Funny, witty, knowledgeable and always seemed to know the right thing to say.

As weeks passed, Anna started to fall in love with Nathan. It seemed as though these text messages were their love notes to one another and it was just a matter of time before she told her friends about him. But first, she had to tell him..

Hey Nathan! It has been great being friends with you. I never knew we would have so much in common and it would be so easy to open up to you. It’s been 2 years since I broke up with John and I haven’t been at ease with any guy after him….till you came along. I know we have only spoken by text and haven’t really spent that much time in person. But something makes me believe it will be perfect. I couldn’t sum up the courage to call you, so I’m texting. I love you Nathan. Would you like to go on a date with me?” She patiently waited for his reply. It didn’t come….not until 4 in the morning. Her heart stopped as she read out his message.

Dear Anna, I’m so humbled and flattered to get this text from you. I thought this day would never come. There have been so many girls at school who are constantly swarming around me but you were never one of them. You gave me small smiles every time our eyes met but you chose to give me my space. The first time I saw you, my heart skipped a beat and it gets that way ever since, even when I get a single text message from you. You have no idea what you do to me girl. You are the most beautiful person I have ever met, so easy to be with. And I would never change anything about you. I could just look at you all day and never even once want to blink. For me, it has been love since the very beginning. But I’m sorry, We can’t be together. I don’t want to see you cry. I can’t hurt you.

Perplexed, Anna asked Nathan what his last statement meant, to which he said he was sending her a package and he wanted her to open it only and only after his friend Samuel called her…whenever that would be. That’s it. That’s the last they spoke to one another. She repeatedly messaged and called him, to no avail. His inbox was filled with tearful messages of why he wouldn’t talk to her anymore. No answer. She had received a package the very next day of his last message to her and she had waited on it, till a week later, when Samuel called.

Hey. Anna is it? Yeah, I’d called to let you know you can open the package. Anna rushed to her room to get the package. It had been on her bedside table all this time. As she unwrapped the package, a note fell out with a scrapbook and a voice recorder. As Anna opened the note and began reading it, her eyes filled with tears.

Anna, my love, I’m sorry you are having to read this now but I just couldn’t get myself to do this before. I joined school year so late because I was only going to be here for a while. I had come to this city to get treatment for my cancer. The doctors where I lived, told me that if I had a chance, it was here. But I guess my luck wasn’t helping me with that. When I got here, they told me they could give me a few months but that’s all I had. I didn’t want to sit in the hospital all the time. I wanted to learn! You know now how much I love learning. So, I was allowed to attend a few of my favourite classes while I attended my chemo simultaneously. Now you know the secret to my blue cap huh? Last week, when you confessed your love to me, I was at the hospital. My condition was worsening and the doctors told me I had less than a week to live. With you, I had forgotten all my pain, all my sorrows. How I wished to be with you. But all summer, with my deteriorating health, my wheelchair prohibited me. You were the one person in my life who didn’t pity me for my condition. That is because you didn’t know of it. I’m sorry I never told you. But I just wanted to talk to someone who wouldn’t keep talking to me as though I just had a few days to live. If you are reading this, it means I am no longer around. But I shall live on in your heart forever. I will never deny that I love you. I have loved you till my last breath. You gave my life reason. I have lived my life in these three weeks of summer. I would never change any thing about it. Please don’t cry. I know I have hurt you immensely but the only reason I didn’t call you to the hospital was because I didn’t want to see you hurt and crying. That was not a memory I wanted to take with me. The image of you that I love the most, of you smiling is what I am taking with me. Please stay happy. I love you. And yes, if life would’ve given me the chance, I would’ve loved to go out with you. 

                                          -Yours only, Nathan

Anna broke down. She was devastated. Her life had been ripped apart right in front of her. It had been 2 hours after she read the letter that she finally stopped crying. Taking the scrapbook in her hand, she flipped through it. They were pictures of her at school that he had clicked, pictures, she had no knowledge of. They were stuck neatly with a note stuck to each. Notes like – the first time I saw you in that red dress or the first time I saw you grimace looking at that frog in the science lab. Her heart melted. As she heard the song on the voice recorder, she realized it was the song she loved most, sung by him, just for her. At that moment, she realized that she had loved the perfect person. Nobody would ever love her as much as he did. For his sake, she had managed to get a weak smile on her face. Anna attended Nathan’s memorial service a few days later. Her eyes just wouldn’t stop tearing up. She couldn’t stay for long.

It was almost a year before Anna finally started stabilizing in life. Life went on. 

20 years later, as her brother cleaned up her house, he found the reason why his sister never married or dated anybody. The letter Nathan had given her, had been framed and put up, just above her bed. Three weeks of summer was all the LOVE she had ever needed….

The Arrow


Have you ever been hit by it? The Cupid arrow? (The one that has a cute little heart at it’s end :-P) Most of you may have been, some might even be seeing it dangling right in front of you, waiting for it to hit you. And then there are people like me…never hit by it and with no scope of such an accident occurring anywhere in the near future. Yup.

Step out of the house, and you are bound to see endless of Cupid’s works at large – in schools, in colleges, in parks, on the roads, at work, in libraries, well you get the idea. That is a feeling, happy and sad combined. Happy, for the fact that people have found someone who makes them feel good and sad that most of us out there need someone to make us happy, none of us seem good enough for ourselves (not always true). 

“How would it be to have someone special by my side…am I missing out? Or am I saving myself from endless adjustments?” These are questions that pop up in my mind quite often. The answers remain aloof though. 

Recently, a friend of mine got out of a 4 year relationship, after not being able to take her boyfriend’s “overprotective-ness” on a daily basis. At the exact same time, another friend got into a relationship with a guy who proposed in the cutest way possible (I got it all on tape! It’s the kind of memory worth keeping). Sure looks like Mr. Cupid is in full business! 😉 However, nothing has changed for me..I have had thousands of crushes. But never really did anything significant to make it work in a positive direction. In fact, when I look back at it, it seems as though I’m actually glad I didn’t. It was just something I felt back then. Now, only a faint memory of the ordeal lingers behind – the butterflies in the stomach, the sweaty palms, the heart beat being so loud that I could actually hear it, etc. 

Love must be a great experience. A fascinating feeling, that lets you know about the emotions you never even knew you could harbor. There have been times when I have wanted to feel that way. And times when I couldn’t be more grateful for not having to worry about it all. I don’t know which of these is right. I cannot decide. After all, I have experienced just the lack. But looking at the glass half empty, I’m glad that there’s always some space to fill it up.

Do let me know about your beautiful Cupid stories or any that took place with people close to you. You can also share how you love being single/ in a relationship in the comments. I would love to hear from you guys! Spread the LOVE 🙂

Sailing on the waves of Success


Business and fashion magazines everywhere today are going on crazy about the success stories of various famous people, how they go about their day and their success tips. When I read such stories, they fill me with inspiration and motive to sit at my desk and work towards a better and successful future. Half an hour into it, my mind begins to wander. Soon, I lose patience and decide to take a “5 minute break”. Now I guess we all now how that goes 😛 

Being successful takes a lot. In fact, it demands everything you have. Every millisecond, every drop of sweat and a very determined mind. To be successful, one has to be able to literally visualize their goal right in front of their eyes, the thing that will keep you going and pushing in the right direction without staggering about here and there. With all this said, it also requires the strength to fail. Yes, failing is one of the biggest steps to the success you see for yourself. No great person ever reached where they are today without failing a hundred times. Even a child learns to walk only after he falls to the ground about 50 times or so before he finally finds his power to stand by himself.

But all of this is something you probably know already. What you need to understand is that, in the bigger picture, you can never fail. No matter what you do. Let me explain. You may not get exactly what you want. Maybe you wanted to be an engineer but you ended up becoming an architect instead. But that isn’t bad! It’s in fact a good thing! Maybe it is what you were meant to be. You helping construct the dream homes and workplaces of millions. Isn’t that success? You are earning enough to get you through the week with food on your plate for all three meals. Isn’t that success over someone who probably can’t even get food twice a day?

Success is in every small element of life. Can you see? Can you breathe? Can you react to situations? Well, that’s success over a comatose person! Can you walk? Can you run? That’s success over a person who lost his legs or never had them to start with. If you have internet access, you are able to afford paying for the Wi-Fi and you are reading this blog, that’s success too! You don’t have to be successful only in things you think are worth being successful for. That is because you are already successful in so many aspects of life! And when you begin to appreciate these little winning situations, that is when you can focus on the bigger picture and pass with flying colours at what you deem to be worth calling the big success

So start counting your small little wins. Don’t let them slide by just because they are not big enough to notice. Because even for the sea to become as vast as it is, it had to start with small rain drops. Cheers to life! Never give up. You are better than that 🙂 you are more wise today than you were yesterday, so rejoice!